Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro will take the main stage on the final day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. First, he spoke to Texas delegates at their morning breakfast.


Castro made headlines earlier this week when he more definitively said he was looking into running for US Senate in 2018 against Sen. Ted Cruz. Thursday morning he told reporters Cruz has made Washington worse.

“Ted Cruz said he’d go to Washington and change Washington and he has. He’s made it worse, much worse,” Castro said.


Cruz sent out a fundraising email earlier this week after Castro mentioned he’s looking at running against him. Castro responded, “He freaked out. He freaked out when he read that. That’s what I would expect from someone who hasn’t spent any time working for the people of Texas.”


In that email to supporters Cruz said the Castro brothers have the support of the mainstream media and Washington establishment.

“This November, it is critical we elect conservatives up and down the ballot in order to prevent a liberal takeover of Washington, DC,” Cruz said.



Castro said he’d make a decision on running for Senate in the next several months.


The Texas Congressman also gave some insight into his speech tonight. He told reporters he’s going to talk about the difference between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and the fact that she will build opportunity in America and if he’s elected, he’s going to tear down opportunity.


Joaquin’s brother Julian also made headlines this week. His name had been thrown around about taking over as DNC chair. On Capital Tonight’s Wednesday show he told anchor Karina Kling, he’s not interested.


Watch the interview here.