The gauntlet over bathrooms has been thrown.

After Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus announced Friday the lower chamber refused to negotiate any more on transgender bathroom legislation, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick fired back by saying a special session is imminent and blaming Straus.

Straus says the Senate can either accept the House’s compromise, which would mean requiring Texas public schools to provide single-stall bathrooms for transgender Texans , or go without any bathroom legislation.

But the Lt. Governor isn’t giving up.

In a press conference called shortly after Straus made his announcement, Patrick said Straus is going against the will of Texans and the will of the House.

Patrick says he believes House members would pass a bill with provisions limiting where transgender people can use the restroom in public buildings as well as schools.

“But Speaker Straus is apparently not concerned with what Texans think. Only with what he thinks. He says he has compromised enough. But in fact he has not compromised at all,” said Patrick.

“This is the right thing to do in order to protect our economy from billions of dollars in losses, and more importantly to protect the safety of some very vulnerable young Texans,” said Straus.

The Lt. Governor said he’ll try to force a special session over this issue, but only the governor has the power to call lawmakers back.

Gov. Greg Abbott’s office offered a statement Friday night saying:

“Despite tensions, the session is not yet over. The taxpayers deserve to have the Legislature finish their work on time. Only the Governor can determine when or if there is a special session, and if so, what issues are addressed.”