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Texas Medicaid cuts:

Some special needs kids have lost critical therapy services since the state let $350 million in Medicaid cuts take effect in December. The cuts have prompted government reimbursement that’s offered to providers to fall up to 50 percent.

Our Max Gorden is speaking with an in-home therapy provider to find out how the cuts have affected his patients. Groups are also concerned the Texas cuts could be a preview of what’s to come nationwide if proposed Medicaid cuts being considered by Republicans in Congress are passed.


Sen. Ted Cruz on mini Texas tour:

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, is on a state tour of sorts during Congress’ July 4th recess. And he’s already gotten an earful.

Cruz took part in an Independence Day parade in McAllen yesterday. He shook hands with supporters, but was also confronted by protesters in the Democratic stronghold. Some shared their frustrations with Cruz’s stance on health care. Others were angry about his support for President Trump’s stance on immigration and the proposed border wall.

But in his comments to local media, Cruz stayed focused on the day’s celebrations. “You know it’s a wonderful opportunity for all of us to celebrate what brings us together, what makes America unique, which is the freedom that’s protected in the Constitution, protected in the Bill of Rights, the freedom that every American, every Texan has,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s Texas trip comes as negotiations continue behind closed doors regarding the health care bill currently stalled in the Senate.

The junior Texas senator will be in San Antonio and Austin tomorrow.


Political Analysts:

Our political analysts, Democrat Harold Cook and Republican Ted Delisi, will be in tonight to discuss the latest New Yorker piece — America’s Future is Texas. We’ll also discuss the upcoming special session and the latest chatter about stall tactics or pressuring lawmakers to pass priority bills.


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