Our daily digest is a mid-day update on the stories we’re following in Texas politics today. Here’s what we’re watching:


Voter ID law:

The Trump administration says Texas has fixed any discriminatory effects of its Voter ID law. The Justice Department is now asking a judge to not take further action. The DOJ under former President Obama had previously joined minority rights groups in challenging the 2011 law. But the new administration told the judge that Texas lawmakers fixed the measure in May by adopting a weaker version. The judge has twice ruled that the original law intentionally discriminated against minorities. We’ll have reaction from both sides tonight at 7pm.



While groups are protesting the proposed health care bill outside of Sen. John Cornyn’s Austin office, Sen. Ted Cruz will be holding a town hall to discuss the issue tonight at 6pm. Earlier today, Cruz told a San Antonio radio station he didn’t know if the Senate could pass the bill.

“It is precarious,” Cruz said. He added the GOP’s Senate majority “is so narrow, I don’t know if we can get it done or not.”

Capital Tonight host Karina Kling will also be sitting down with Sen. Cruz later this evening. You can catch that full interview on Friday’s edition of Capital Tonight at 7pm.


Putin/Trump meeting:

Tomorrow, the eyes of the world will be on one of the most anticipated meetings between two of the most powerful men on the planet. President Trump is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Germany.

The White House is downplaying the critical encounter. And our Washington reporter Alberto Pimienta will have more tonight on the likelihood of whether the President will bring up Russia’s meddling in the presidential election.


North Korea missile:

President Trump says he’s considering quote “pretty severe things” in response to North Korea’s test-launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile. Experts say such a missile could reach Alaska. Paul Miller is the associate director of the Clements Center for National Security at UT-Austin. Hear his take on what options the country has to deal with the threat tonight at 7.


Republicans and the environment:

Can you be a Republican and an environmentalist? There are some out there — and one who recently described himself as just that joins us tonight.  Hear Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton’s stance on climate change and the state of Texas energy.


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Posted by Karina Kling