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Senate Passes Sunset Bills:

It’s the main reason lawmakers are back in Austin for a special session and today, the Texas Senate approved so-called sunset legislation.

The measures are needed to keep five state agencies open, including the Texas Medical Board. The Senate quickly gave its initial approval to two bills — one to extend the agencies and one to fund them.

Senators approved keeping the agencies in question open for another two years. While there was little debate on the floor, some Senators have criticized the legislation saying it’s only kicking the can down the road, leaving lawmakers to deal with the issue again in the next two years.

But the bill passed the Senate’s initial vote unanimously and Senators will continue their fast pace to take a final vote at 12:01 a.m.

“This is a great opportunity. Getting this bill done today really gives us, opens the gate now for the other bills, the other call items, to come in from the Governor,” Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, said.

And what about those 19 other items? Coming up at 7 on Capital Tonight, we’ll take the pulse of the legislature to see which proposals lawmakers think have a shot at passing.


Political Analysts:

Republican State Rep. Sarah Davis, R-West University Place, joins Democrat Harold Cook to discuss the special session, the Governor’s list and what items they think will get approved in the next 30 days.


Health Care Latest:

We’ll get to the latest out of Washington where President Trump today told Republican senators, “inaction is not an option on health care.”

Our Washington, DC reporter, Alberto Pimienta, will have the latest.


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Posted by Karina Kling