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Sine Die – Now What?:

With the special session over, the blame game has already started. Governor Greg Abbott is lashing out at the Texas House after several of his priority items failed to pass during the overtime session.

On a Houston radio show this morning, the Governor said that all options are on the table if lawmakers would show they’d be able to get something done.

However, special sessions are costly, and the governor said he would be working to get more support on his priorities before considering another call.

The governor also joined a chorus of conservative lawmakers who have pinned blame for the special session deadlock on the House, saying leadership didn’t take all of the agenda items seriously.

“They were wasting time, they were not garnering votes, they were not taking votes, they were not trying to answer the call,” Abbott said in a KTRH radio interview.

Abbott was also asked about Speaker Straus’ lack of support for the bathroom bill. The Governor suggested the issue will never pass as long as Straus is Speaker and went on to say that’s why “elections matter.”

We’ll have the Speaker’s response to the special session and more post-special session fallout on Capital Tonight at 7.


Trump Latest:

President Trump has left New York City after a two-day stay that included perhaps the most explosive moments of his presidency. Our New York reporter, Josh Robin, will have more on the fallout over the president’s remarks about the deadly violence in Virginia.


Rep. Joaquin Castro:

The San Antonio Democratic Congressman joined us for a one-on-one interview today to discuss Trump’s comments, DACA, the state’s new anti-sanctuary cities law and 2018. Catch the full interview at 7pm.


Political Analysts:

Political analysts Democrat Harold Cook and Republican Ted Delisi are in to give their take on Trump’s comments and the political fallout after an abrupt special session ending.


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Posted by Karina Kling