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UT-Austin Removes Confederate Statues:

After the violence in Charlottesville, leaders at the University of Texas felt the time was right to remove three Confederate statues on campus.

UT President Greg Fenves said the statues were being removed because they depict parts of American history that “run counter to the university’s core values.” His email to the campus was sent just before 11pm.

Now all that remains are slabs of granite where the statues used to be.
Workers came in the middle of the night to remove the monuments and were still at work this morning shaving down the bolts that used to hold the statues in place.

Now, the statues will go to the Briscoe Center for American History where they’ll be available to academics.

“We’re taking this material as educational material and material evidence of the past that people can use for research,” Don Carleton with the Briscoe Center said.

At 7, hear from students and alumni who have differing opinions on the removal of the statues.


Trump Afghanistan Strategy:

At 8pm, President Trump will give a major primetime address to the nation, laying out his strategy for Afghanistan. What he announces will not just have huge implications for the US and the military, but for the global war on terrorism and stability in the region. We’ll have a preview of what to expect at 7pm.


Comptroller Glenn Hegar:

Just as the Texas Legislature was nearing its special session end last week, they got some good news from the Texas Comptroller — he found an extra $196 million for them to work with. So did they utilize it — and what’s that say about the Texas economy today? Hear from Comptroller Glenn Hegar tonight.


On the Agenda:

And the Quorum Report’s Harvey Kronberg joins us to dissect the abrupt end to the special session and the political fallout for the “big three.”


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