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Remembering 9/11, 16 Years Later:

President Trump led September 11th remembrances for the first time as Commander-in-Chief. It comes 16 years after then-President George W. Bush told the nation of the terrorist attacks.

For hours on this anniversary, three sites observed the moments 2977 people died. On tonight’s show, we take a look at a day of remembering what happened and renewing resolve to keep if from happening again.


Austin Fire Department Tower Climb:

The Austin Fire Department held its sixteenth annual tower climb to remember the 343 firefighters that died in the World Trade Center.

Join us at 7 for a look at how Austin firefighters endured 189 flights of stairs, to complete the journey their fallen brothers and sisters never finished.


McCaul on Harvey Aid No Votes:

Texas Congressman Michael McCaul is calling a vote against a $15 billion Harvey relief package “unconscionable.”

Last week, Congress passed the initial aid bill for victims of the storm. But four Texas Republican colleagues voted no.

They complained the aid was linked to a three-month lifting of the debt ceiling.

“I don’t want to judge them,” McCaul said on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday. “I judge myself and my conscience and when I have people dying and hurting in my home state, it was my duty and my moral obligation to help them, and I felt that that vote was a vote of conscience to help people in my state and also now in Florida.”

None of the four Texans who voted ‘no’ represent districts affected by Harvey.


Irma Latest:

After battering Florida, what’s left of Tropical Storm Irma is causing more problems. Millions of people are without power and there is the threat of a potentially deadly storm surge.

We bring you a report out of Naples where people there are now starting to clean up.


Rep. Tony Dale on Front Lines of Harvey Response:

Four state lawmakers were on the front lines of the Harvey response efforts.

They serve in the Texas State Guard, which was called up alongside the Texas National Guard.

Rep. Tony Dale of Cedar Park was one of them and he joins us at 7 to discuss his role in the relief efforts, and how his service informs his decisions as a policymaker.


On the Agenda:

The Quorum Report’s Harvey Kronberg is in at to talk 2018 and Harvey recovery efforts.


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