Our daily digest is an update on the stories we’re following in Texas politics today. Here’s what we’re working on for 7pm:


SB4 Back in Court:

(AP) Attorneys for numerous Texas municipalities and immigration advocacy groups have told a federal appeals court that a state law cracking down on so-called sanctuary cities puts an illegal burden on local law enforcement agencies.

The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments Tuesday on whether it should block the law enacted by the Texas Legislature in the spring.

It requires local law enforcement agencies to honor federal immigration requests to detain people in local jails for possible deportation. It also holds the possibility of criminal sanctions against local officials who are deemed to limit federal immigration enforcement.

The three-judge 5th Circuit panel did not indicate when it would rule.

We’ll have reaction to the arguments at 7, plus Elissa Steglich with the Immigration Clinic at UT Austin joins us to discuss the measure further.


Sutherland Springs Church Shooting Latest:

A dozen victims remain in the hospital two days after a gunman opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs.

He killed 26 people before fatally shooting himself following a chase.

The small Texas town is still in shock.

Tuesday law enforcement officials released new information into the mass shooting saying they now have the shooter’s cellphone.

A search warrant is allowing them to go through the phone, but encryption keys are keeping the device from being unlocked.

Right now the shooter’s cell phone is at FBI offices in Quantico.

ATF agents also say the shooter used a AR-556 rifle, but they do not believe the weapon used was fully automatic.

Officials hope to have their forensic investigation of the crime scene wrapped up by Wednesday. They’ll then turn the church back over to local agencies.


Sen. Cornyn Wants Stronger Background Check System:

The shooting is leading Texas’ senior senator John Cornyn to push legislation that would strengthen the nation’s background check system for gun buyers.

The number two Republican in the Senate announced Tuesday that he’ll introduce a measure to ensure all departments and federal agencies file convictions to the national background check system.

It comes after the Air Force acknowledged it failed to add the Sutherland Springs shooter to the database, allowing him to buy several guns.

Our Washington reporter Alberto Pimienta will have the latest on the proposed measure at 7pm.


Constitutional Amendment Election:

Ballots are in and polls have closed. Texans’ cast their votes for seven amendments to the Texas Constitution Tuesday.

Among the proposals: tax exemptions for disabled veterans and the spouses of first responders killed in the line of duty.

Votes were also cast for an amendment that would expand the number of professional sports teams’ foundations that can conduct charitable raffles and another that would change how you can use the equity in your homes.

Find out how voter turnout fared this election day on Capital Tonight at 7.


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Posted by Karina Kling