Andrew White, the son of the late former Gov. Mark White, made his gubernatorial bid official today during a campaign speech in Houston.

“I’m proud to be Mark White’s son. But I’m not running because I’m his son,” White said. “I’m running because we need more leaders like Mark White. We need leaders willing to do right and risk their re-election.”

White is a Houston entrepreneur. He’s never run for office but calls himself a “common sense Democrat” who thinks the state’s Republican leaders have shifted too far to the right.

“The one thing that separates the governors who made history from the ones that simply lived in it: in the words of Sam Houston, ‘Do right and risk the consequences.’ That’s why I’m running for Governor: to do right and let the cards fall where they may,” White said.

White joins a crowded field of Democratic candidates running in the spring primary. His announcement comes one day after Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez made her bid official. She’s considered the Democrats most high-profile candidate.

All of the Democratic candidates still face an uphill battle to beat Gov. Greg Abbott. Abbott has a campaign war chest of $40 plus million dollars.

White, who considers himself a “conservative Democrat,” could also face resistance in his party’s primary.