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Intern Showcase: The Prison of Drugs

In this short documentary TWC News Intern Matthew Bogard explores the interconnected relationship between drug policy and imprisonment rates. By examining previous political initiatives and prison statistics, this investigative report aims to determine what kind of narcotic penal system is the most effective. Additionally, this report focuses on the institutional incentives of private and state-run prisons to provide a comprehensive look at America’s prisons and drug laws.

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Capital Tonight: Dewhurst faces difficult path to victory

Now the underdog, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst has only a few months to turn the tide against Sen. Dan Patrick, who led the polls on primary night. Patrick has positioned himself as the more conservative, Tea Party favored candidate.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we dug into last night’s primary election results, seeing how they will shape future Texas political races.


Director of the Texas Politics Project James Henson joined us to discuss why the UT/Texas Tribune poll was so off the mark compared to the actual results.


Harvey Kronberg with the Quorum Report spoke with us about how the primary election shows the strength and importance of various Texas groups like the Tea Party and Empower Texans.

Capital Tonight: 2014 primary race upsets expectations

Lieutenant governor candidate Dan Patrick will face incumbent David Dewhurst in a runoff in May. State Sen. Patrick won the top spot, doing better than projects polls expected.

In Tuesday’s Capital Tonight, we took a look at what several surprising primary outcomes mean for the nearing runoffs and the general election.


Democratic strategist Harold Cook and Republican strategist Ted Delisi provided explanations for why so many unanticipated results occurred.


From the Quorum Report, Harvey Kronberg and Scott Braddock, joined us to discuss what political strategies and narratives to look forward to in the governor’s race up until the general election in November.

Capital Tonight: Party leaders reflect on icy election eve

As primary election day approached, a last string of attack ads came from candidates wanting to be the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor, while UT’s Texas Politics Project director Jim Henson says the race has turned into a competition to get in the top two.

In Monday’s Capital Tonight, we looked at how the possibility of a runoff election is affecting political strategy and how the cold weather could change the kind of voters who show up at the polls.


Republican Party of Texas Chairman Steve Munisteri and the executive director of the Texas Democratic Party, Will Hailer, gave their thoughts on potential GOP runoffs and what to expect in the campaigns until November.


Texas Secretary of State Nandita Berry spoke with us about how the cold weather could affect polling locations and provided details about what to expect from the Texas voter ID law in the second election since it was passed.


Capital Tonight: Texans react to judge’s same-sex marriage ruling

Federal Judge Orlando Garcia deemed the Texas ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional Wednesday. Marriage equality advocates praised the decision, while opponents say Texans have already weighed in on the issue. The case will likely be appealed to a higher court.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we heard reaction from same-sex marriage advocates and state leaders, plus we looked at how the state could play a role in the next round of national conventions.


Freelance writer Robert Draper has been drawing the nation’s attention to Texas with in-depth profiles on Wendy Davis and the state’s Democratic party. We spoke one-on-one with Draper about his view of the efforts to turn Texas blue.


Harvey Kronberg discussed the constitutionality of the new same-sex ruling and the progress of Battleground Texas on its one-year anniversary.

Capital Tonight: New poll numbers redefine statewide races

A recent poll is shedding new light on the 2014 elections. Attorney General Greg Abbott led Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis by eleven points in a new UT Austin/Texas Tribune poll. However, timing likely distorted that margin, as the poll was conducted after Sen. Davis’ biography was called into question and before Abbott campaigned with the controversial Ted Nugent.

In Monday’s Capital Tonight, we dug deeper into the poll numbers and took a closer look at the 2016 presidential race, which could include Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. Rick Perry on the Republican side.


James Henson, director of the Texas Politics Project, provided perspective on how various factors impacted the poll numbers of the GOP primary races and the governor’s race.


Harvey Kronberg gave his analysis of how the latest fundraising totals will influence the nearing GOP primary races and the governor’s race.


Capital Tonight: As early voting continues, political ads get uglier

After months of controversy over its approval process, the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas is hoping to get back on track with a new slate of research grants.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we heard one mother’s story about her son’s battle with cancer, and how she hopes newly approved funding from CPRIT will honor his dying wish and help usher in a new kind of treatment.


Sen. Dan Patrick is drawing new criticism for undocumented employees hired under his watch 30 years ago, but he’s not the only one under fire.

Harvey Kronberg provided us with an analysis of how recent negative political attacks in the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s races will affect votes in the primaries and even in the general election.


There’s a new voice in town when it comes to covering Texas politics. Brandon Darby, director of Breitbart Texas, joined us to discuss why the conservative outlet is expanding in an already red state. Plus, he talked about his experience infiltrating a group of protesters accused of planning to use Molotov cocktails at the 2008 GOP convention.

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Capital Tonight: Party leaders explain odd ballot options

When voters head to the polls Tuesday, it’s not just candidates they’ll be choosing. At first glance, the option to repeal the Affordable Care Act or expand Medicaid are also on the ballot. However, the end result of that vote is a little more complex.

In Monday’s Capital Tonight, we talked to Republican and Democratic party leaders about how voters’ choices on primary ballot measures will impact Texas policy in the future, even if the results aren’t binding.


Lieutenant governor candidate Todd Staples joined us to highlight the differences between himself and the incumbent, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst.


Harvey Kronberg joined us to examine the political strategy of Todd Staples’ ad, how a run off election would influence the lieutenant governor’s race, and why Ted Nugent matters in the governor’s race.

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Capital Tonight: Texas could play key role in fight over same-sex marriage

Two same-sex couples pleaded their case today in San Antonio against the Texas constitutional amendment defining marriage as solely between opposite-sex couples. The plaintiffs base their argument on equal opportunity rights provided in the U.S. Constitution.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we looked at the possible outcomes of the case and the likelihood it will be appealed to the Supreme Court.


Chuck Smith, executive director of Equality Texas, detailed how a federal judge struck down Kentucky’s gay marriage ban and how new federal rules announced by Attorney General Eric Holder will affect the LGBT community.


Harvey Kronberg examined how a comment by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and new support of medical marijuana from Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis impact their electoral chances.

Capital Tonight: EPA fight spills over into attorney general race

Republican candidates competing to be the next attorney general lashed out at the President today, giving his Affordable Care Act the worst possible rating and pledging to sue the administration. The candidates also anticipate conflict with EPA regulations they see as burdensome and unnecessary.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we took a look at the merits of the EPA’s new air and farm regulations.


Debra Medina, a Republican candidate to be the Texas Comptroller, articulated how cronyism is a problem in Texas and how we can achieve greater prosperity through use of the free market.


Harvey Kronberg gave an insider’s perspective on recent fundraising and how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie may be perceived on his trip to Texas.