After weeks of heated debate, Senate Bill 21 was passed into law during last year’s legislative session, but it has since been delayed by the US Department of Labor. The bill would require that the unemployed pass a drug test in order to receive benefits.

In Monday’s Capital Tonight, we look at how the bureaucratic roadblock is reviving debate over the controversial law.


Manny Garcia, communications director for the Texas Democratic Party, and Beth Cubriel, director of the Republican Party of Texas, join us to talk about the abysmal voter turnout in Texas and whether the voter ID law will affect turnout.


The Wendy Davis campaign received sharp criticism from the Texas press after only letting select members of the media into a fundraiser. In response, the campaign is reportedly bringing on an outsider to “right the ship” with its communication department. Harvey Kronberg joined us to provide commentary on how this and other factors influence the governor’s race.