Rep. Lloyd Doggett

Capital Tonight: Congressman Doggett Reacts to Border Situation

The state of Texas is making its legal case in defense of new requirements for abortion facilities set to be implemented next month.

In Wednesday’s Capital Tonight, we checked in on day three of the newest fight over a controversial law that could see all but seven of the state’s abortion clinics close.


Congressman Lloyd Doggett isn’t holding back his opinion when it comes to the governor’s decision to send troops to the border, calling it “Operation Iowa Caucuses.” He joined us for a one-on-one interview on that topic and more.


Sen. Tommy Williams’ Senate seat now has a new occupant, which means an influential political group takes a loss. The Quorum Report‘s Harvey Kronberg joined us to explain why.

Rep. Doggett talks gun control, fiscal cliff

Rep. Lloyd Doggett is calling for stricter gun laws in the wake of the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. Doggett took aim today at Gov. Perry’s proposal that teachers and administrators be armed in schools.

Speaking in Washington, D.C. today, Doggett said, “The idea that if every teacher packs a gun that we’ll be safer makes no more sense than the effort last year, to have guns on our university campuses.”

You can see his full interview with our Washington, D.C Bureau Reporter Erin Billups, here.


This evening on Capital Tonight: Clinton visits Texas and a sit down with Rep. Lloyd Doggett

Clinton visits Texas

Former President Bill Clinton is in Texas, today. He’s stumping for state democrats in San Antonio and Beaumont. His first stop is to lend his support to Pete Gallego, who is locked in a tight race against against Republican Rep. Francisco Canseco in the 23rd Congressional district. Our Sebastian Roberston will have an update from the campaign event.

A candidate conversation

Rep. Lloyd Doggett is running for the first time in the 35th Congressional district. The longtime Austin representative has been spending a lot of time in San Antonio, introducing himself to his new constituents. Doggett sat down with our Paul Brown this week to talk about health care, the deficit and the Obama administration’s foreign policy.

Doggett is running against Republican Susan Narvaiz. She was a guest on our show, last week. You can see her interview, here.

Capital Commentators

Early voting is underway and the Presidential candidates are making their final pitch to undecided voters. Republican strategist Ted Delisi and Democratic strategist will join us live in the studio tonight to talk about the latest poll numbers and the closer legislative races, here at home. We’ll also be joined by Harvey Kronberg from the Quorum Report.