Tom Pauken

Pauken withdraws from governor’s race

Former Republican Party of Texas chairman Tom Pauken has announced he won’t be running in his party’s primary race for governor.

In a letter to supporters, Pauken said the fundraising gap between him and Attorney General Greg Abbott was too great, and that there didn’t appear to be a realistic path to victory.

“Filing deadline is only days away, and I have to be realistic about our prospects. When I first filed our exploratory committee in March, I said at the time that there were certain, minimum objectives we needed to achieve to win the Republican nomination: (1) We had to raise a minimum of $2 million; (2) We had to build a strong, statewide organization; (3) We had to develop a major social media presence in a short period of time.

Even though I have worked hard to get our message out across the state the past six months, unfortunately we are nowhere near where we need to be financially and organizationally to win this race.” 

As of their last fundraising reports, Abbot’s campaign claimed more than $22 million in cash on hand, compared to just over $200,000 for Pauken. Abbott released a statement shortly after Pauken’s announcement, praising him for his public service.

“As a Vietnam veteran, a member of the Reagan Administration, former Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas and head of the Texas Workforce Commission, Tom has dedicated his career to public service and advancing conservatism. Tom has been an insightful and effective voice for common-sense solutions in Texas. In the race for Governor, Tom offered thoughtful ideas in areas such as vocational education and workforce development. I thank him for his valuable contributions to the race, and I look forward to working together with him to build an even better Texas.”

Pauken hasn’t said what he plans to do next, but promised to continue work to end “insider cronyism” and to “fight for our founding principles.”

Abbott releases new online campaign ad

Attorney General Greg Abbott is highlighting recent campaign stops in Galveston County and San Marcos in a new web ad. The online spot features video taken of Abbott last week, visiting workers at a Santa Fe business and meeting students at a tailgate at Texas State University.

“I believe you, your businesses and your future should only be limited only by the size of your dreams, not by the size of your government,” he said. “The truth of the matter is, Texas is exceptional and I’m running for governor to keep it that way.”


Abbott is seeking the GOP nomination for governor. He faces Republican Tom Pauken in the primary and will likely face Democrat Wendy Davis in the general election.

Glass makes another bid for governor

The day before Democratic State Sen. Wendy Davis’ announcement about a possible run for governor, someone else jumped into the race.

Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass announced she’s running in 2014 during an Austin news conference Wednesday morning at the Driskill Hotel.

Glass ran for governor in 2010, receiving a little more than 2 percent of the vote, to Governor Rick Perry’s 55 percent. Democrat Bill White pulled in 42 percent in that race.

She used the current federal government shutdown as an example of why she’s running again.

“This shutdown is just a glimpse of what might happen when there is a total collapse from Washington, because we know — the voters of Texas know — that Washington is broken,” Glass said. “The two-party system is corrupt and broken. They’ll never fix themselves and they can’t be reformed from within.”

Attorney General Greg Abbott and former Texas Worforce Commission Chairman Tom Pauken are among the Republican candidates who have already annouced a run for governor.

As was the case in 2010, Glass is campaigning on a platform of limited government.

She said to expect a lot of active, serious Libertarian campaigns for a variety of offices this election cycle.


Abbott releases new online ad

Attorney General Greg Abbott is out with a new campaign ad. The 1:30 web spot features testimonials from people expressing why they think Abbott should be the next Texas governor. 

Republican Tom Pauken is Abbott’s only Republican challenger so far. No Democrats have filed for statewide office.