The day after a bill to fund the state’s water plan failed on a point of order, House Speaker Joe Straus’ office released a statement reaffirming his commitment to finding a solution.

“Speaker Straus will not let a technicality seal the debate on water and remains committed to working with Appropriators, Members of the House and stakeholders to ensure funding for the state water plan this session,” the statement said.

Straus has made water infrastructure a priority since the start of session, calling it a key factor in the state’s potential for economic growth.

House Bill 11, which would have put $2 billion from the state’s Rainy Day Fund toward the state’s water plan, was pulled from the House floor Monday on a point of order. Democrats raised the technicality in an effort to get more money for public education.

The funding could still come through other means, however. House Bill 19 lays out a similar plan, and the Senate has passed a resolution that would fund water and transportation through a constitutional amendment.